My Big Hero

Episode 1 – Library App for Rural Schools

Over ten years ago, James Liao was volunteering in the rural schools in China. He found out these schools had received many donated books, but their students had no access to them. Why? The schools had no funding for a librarian and their teachers are overworked.

James wanted to make these books more accessible to students. He led the efforts in development of a library app for students to self-manage their libraries. Students learned how to use the app to check in and check out books. Collaborating with local nonprofit organizations, this app has implemented at more than 600 rural schools and benefited over 120,000 students. The app is also connected to Shanghai library system which allows rural students to access a vast amount of digital resource and books. Recently, James created English edition of the app and helped rural students in India.

Hero is a person who is admired for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities.

Pillars of Our Community

Our community thrives on people who cares about it. People who are kind to others. People who help others in need. People who have a vision for a better future and work towards it. These people may never appear on the cover of a magazine or acquire substantial amount of wealth, but they are the pillars of our community, they are our big hero.