Filmmaking Programs

Red Carp Studio offers hands-on filmmaking programs aimed to provide youths and adults the opportunity to explore the art of filmmaking. We strive to provide a fun, educational, safe, and inclusive environment for everyone.

All participants are encouraged to create innovative stories, work together as a team, learn frameworks, and develop the skills to produce their own films and recognize their own voice. Film has tremendous power to create positive change in our community and inspire people.

Screenwriting Boot Camp

This program is for participants who want to deep-dive into storytelling and screenwriting. From ideas creation to build powerful stories. We will use produced film and its original screenplay to understand structure, form, and the creative and technical aspects of screenwriting. Exploring character development and intensifying conflict to ensure your story being effectively delivered.

Editing Boot Camp

In this editing boot camp, participants will craft compelling stories through editing. Topics will include managing data files, importing and exporting footage, editing sound and dialogue, developing story structure and form, and choosing the best takes. During this program, participants will learn about the technical and creative aspects involved in editing film projects.

Acting on Camera Boot Camp

In this acting on camera program, participants will learn cold reads, audition practice, scene work, character development, and taking and applying direction. Participants will also have a chance to study acting techniques, work with directors, and gain self-confidence.

Youth boot camp is for age 12 and over.